Mortada Mansour Surprises Everyone with the Fate of Ahmed Fatouh

    Former Zamalek Club President Mortada Mansour confirmed that the file of Ahmed Fatouh, the left-back of the first football team, is nearing completion.

    Fatouh's contract expires at the end of the upcoming season, and therefore Zamalek is seeking to renew his contract in the coming period.

    Mortada Mansour, in his statements, affirmed that Amir Mortada Mansour reached an agreement with Ahmed Fatouh on the renewal and the basis on which the renewal will be made.

    He continued that Ahmed Fatouh is a very important player, and it was necessary to take action to renew his contract in the coming period.

    He stressed that he does not leave the ground scorched, and if he wanted to, he could have sold Zizo and Ahmed Fatouh, and he would have received half a billion for the duo.

    However, he preserved the team's structure in order to support it in the coming period and rebuild it from scratch to regain championships.

Mortada Mansour rejects a message from Khaled El-Ghandour and tells the quartet: "Go to Mamdouh Abbas"

    Zamalek Club President Mortada Mansour rejected a message he received from media personality Khaled El-Ghandour, asking him not to talk about him again.

    Mortada Mansour had criticized Khaled El-Ghandour for his comments about the penalty kick in the Shabab match against Zamalek during the second round of the Arab Championship when he said it was for them and against them.

    He further stated that the referee wasted the team's effort, so it was necessary for him to speak up and respond to his statements regarding the penalty kick.

    Mortada Mansour sent a message to Shikabala, Hazem Emam, Ayman Younis, and Hassan Shehata, telling them to go to Mamdouh Abbas if they want to, as he is their friend.

    He asked them to convince Mamdouh Abbas of the necessity to lift the freeze on the club's funds, which has caused many problems for Zamalek in recent times.

    He also accused the former coach, Ferreira, of destroying the football team by mishandling most of the team's stars and causing the team's downfall throughout the past season.

    He confirmed that Ferreira wasted many deals brought to Zamalek, such as Mostafa Scholby, El-Sisi, and others.

Khaled Latif sends a message to Zamalek fans regarding his refusal to resign:

    Khaled Latif, the treasurer of Zamalek Club, rejected the attacks he faced due to his recent statements in which he refused to resign from the club's board of directors.

    He confirmed in a television statement that he faced a major attack, and some questioned his stance on Zamalek's crises.

    He stated that there are ongoing meetings to solve Zamalek's numerous crises, including the video controversy, financial problems, and resolving the issue of the handball team's travel to participate in the Arab Championship.

    He added that there are efforts to close many files within Zamalek Club, which represent major crises for the club.

    He affirmed that the coming period will be more difficult for Zamalek, and resignation will complicate many matters, so there is a complete refusal to resign.

    He addressed the Zamalek club's fans, confirming that ongoing efforts are being made to find all the necessary solutions.

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