Mido Reveals: League Cup is the Main Reason for Sayed Abdelhafiz's Departure

    Ahmed Hossam Mido, former Zamalek star, revealed the main reason behind Sayed Abdelhafiz's departure from his position as the football director of Al Ahly Club.

    Abdelhafiz left the position of football director at Al Ahly Club recently, and he was replaced by Khaled Bebo.

    Mido, in a television statement, confirmed that the Swiss coach, Koller, who is the team's head coach, requested Abdelhafiz's departure from his position on the coaching staff.

    Mido mentioned that Koller found several recent managerial mistakes within the team, making it difficult for Abdelhafiz to continue after that.

    The beginning of the mistakes was his lack of knowledge about the schedule of the recent League Cup matches. Consequently, he decided to apologize to them because he was surprised that the first match was in two weeks.

Mido added that this angered Koller, and in the end, it led to Abdelhafiz's departure.

The team is currently on a break before returning to training in preparation for the new season.

"Breaking News" Mortada Mansour Decides the Fate of the Board of Directors and His Own Return and Sons:

    Mortada Mansour has determined the fate of the current board of directors after the significant controversy surrounding his recent decision to step away from the sports scene and the management of Zamalek Club.

    Mortada Mansour, in a video from his home, confirmed that the current board will continue its work and has no intention of resigning, stating that the state refuses the departure of the current board.

    He further stated that everyone is looking for Zamalek's best interests, and when he found it necessary to step down in order to lift Mamdouh Abbas's freeze on the club's funds, he decided to leave and distance himself.

    He continued that the club has many problems, and he has discussed many of them with the board members in a friendly manner. It is important for the club to rebuild and rise again in the coming period.

    Mortada Mansour confirmed that he has left a lot of money for the club, and there are other funds coming. He did not leave the club in ruins as some claim. The club has 100 million Egyptian pounds, and the funds for Kahraba will come, and he did not give up on them.

    He assured that the club has funds and will pay Shikabala's debts to Sporting Lisbon, the funds for Ashour and others will be raised, and the registration ban will be lifted to make strong signings.

    He emphasized that he refused to take a loan, but if the current board wants, they are free to make their decisions in the future, and he will not interfere.

    Regarding his position on returning to Zamalek Club, he confirmed that he will not change his stance. It is a final decision, and if he wanted to return, he would have done so today.

    As for the future of his sons, Mortada Mansour stated that Amr is currently outside the system, Ahmed Mortada will undergo treatment, and his fate will be determined upon his return.

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