First comment from Mortada Mansour on Sayed Abdelhafiz's departure and his response to Kahraba's lawyer.

    Mortada Mansour, the former president of Zamalek Club, made his first comment on the decision of Sayed Abdelhafiz's departure from his position as the football director of Al Ahly, to be replaced by Khaled Bebo.

    During his statements today, Mortada Mansour confirmed that his departure from the sports scene was the reason for Sayed Abdelhafiz's departure.

    He affirmed that Sayed Abdelhafiz's role ended as soon as he announced his departure from Zamalek Club because he was only there to respond to him.

    Mortada Mansour also addressed a message to the lawyer of the player Mahmoud Kahraba, who is currently playing for Al Ahly while still registered with Zamalek Club at FIFA.

He accused Kahraba's lawyer of being fame-hungry and previously failing to resolve many cases, and he came to his office to resolve them.

    He added that everything the lawyer says is wrong, whether it is his previous statements that Kahraba's contract with Zamalek is forged and that the fine is in solidarity with the Portuguese Avish, all of which were false statements. Therefore, all these statements are unnecessary and only create unnecessary controversy.

    He emphasized that there is no need for such statements, especially since the player will be suspended on August 15 if the fine is not paid in favor of Zamalek Club.

Mortada Mansour reveals the date of the disclosure of what happened in the Zamalek Board meeting:

    Mortada Mansour, the former president of Zamalek Club, revealed the date of broadcasting the meeting that took place recently between him and the board at his home.

He wrote on his Facebook account, saying:

    "After a little while, we will broadcast what happened in the friendly meeting of the Zamalek Board of Directors at the office of Counselor Mortada Mansour."

Ahmed Mortada responds: This is not a reason for the departure of the Zamalek Board:

    Ahmed Mortada Mansour, a member of the Zamalek Board of Directors, rejected calls for the current board to resign following the departure of his father, Mortada Mansour.

    Ahmed Mortada explains that there is no justification for the departure, especially after what the board and the former club president have achieved, and that failure in one season is not a reason.

In response to a follower on his Twitter account, Ahmed Mortada Mansour wrote:

    "I know that you oppose the board, and I respect that, but can you clarify to me if it is normal that when I am part of the most successful boards of directors in history over ten years, and there is a failure in one season in football, is that a reason for the departure of a board elected by the largest general assembly in the history of clubs?"

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