Khaled Al-Ghandour refers to two deals for Zamalek

 Khaled Al-Ghandour refers to two deals for Zamalek

The journalist Khaled Al-Ghandour confirmed that Zamalek is in the process of contracting a duo who will be a surprise during the coming period, and they will be an addition to the club's first football team.

He stressed that one of this duo would be a surprise, a deal that is considered one of the club's high-caliber deals in the next season.

He explained that one of these duo is a Cameroonian player who plays within the Portuguese Maritimo, and he plays in the front line and is good at playing in more than one front position.

Zamalek is also close to contracting with Marwan Attia, the player of the leader of the gap, in a deal that supports Mahmoud Shabana and Mohamed Abdel Salam remaining in Al-Ittihad within the deal.

Al-Ghandour did not speak more than that in this file, stressing that the coming days will witness good news for the Zamalek club and will delight the fans.

Ahmed El-Hawary talks about the file of Mohamed Awad and his exclusion from the list of the Egyptian national team:

Sports critic and sports analyst Ahmed El-Hawary explained the details of the file of Mohamed Awad, the goalkeeper of Zamalek, and his exclusion from the Egyptian national team list yesterday.

Mohamed Awad, who was excluded from the list of the Egyptian national team, and it was said that an agreement was made between Vitoria and his compatriot Ferreira, the technical director of Zamalek, in order for Awad to play the Chadian equit match with Zamalek.

Awad, who came out with a post and tweeted since I was cut through his social networking pages, to confirm that there is no agreement between Vitoria and Ferreira and that he does not know the reason for his exclusion from the Egyptian national team list.

And through his personal page on the social networking site Twitter, Ahmed El-Hawary explained the matter, saying:

The story of Awwad and the national team is that they were not summoned to this camp, but because of the match between Zamalek and elect, and not a technical exclusion, and this is a decision by the team’s team because of Zamalek’s need for Awad, and not by a prior agreement between Vitoria and Ferreira, as was reported.

At the beginning of his mission: Khaled Bayoumi's message to Vittoria:

Sports critic and analyst Khaled Bayoumi sent a letter to the Portuguese Vitoria, the coach of the Egyptian national team, and he appears on his official mission now with the Egyptian national team.

Where the Egyptian national team camp is now in Alexandria in preparation for the matches between Niger and Liberia in the international friendly break.

Through his personal page on the social networking site Twitter, Khaled Bayoumi wrote, addressing his speech to Vitoria, saying:

My message to Roy Vitoria

At the beginning of your journey with the Egyptian national team, I hope that you will establish justice in the Egyptian clubs and that you will stay away from the Egyptian team so that you will be successful.

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