Shady Issa comments on Mohamed Awad's clarification regarding his exclusion from the Egyptian national team

Sports critic Shadi Issa commented on the tweet of Mohamed Awad, the club's first football team goalkeeper.

This is the tweet in which he said a while ago that he did not know the reason for his exclusion from the list of the Egyptian national team announced yesterday, denying what was said about the reason for his exclusion.

Where it was said that the reason for excluding Awad is an agreement made between Vitoria, the coach of the Egyptian national team, and the Portuguese coach, Ferreira, because of the return match against Chadian equity.

As there is no alternative to Mohamed Awad now, so he was excluded from the list of the Egyptian national team, which Awad denied a while ago, to comment on this talk by Shady Issa.

Where he commented on Awad's post on the social networking site Facebook and wrote: I hope Awad deletes this speech.

If it was held on time: The technical crisis of Zamalek in the Chadian Équite match:

It is considered a crisis for the team, despite the insignificance of the match, as the team won the first match with a score of 2-0, a result that is considered relatively reassuring.

However, it was necessary to be careful and alert, because football in the end, and everything will happen in it, and that is why it is necessary to refer to this point.

Zamalek, and if the Chadian wicket match is held on time, it will face a crisis due to the absence of a very large number of players who are in the camp of the Egyptian team and those in the camp of the Tunisian team.

The meeting is still ambiguous in its date in light of the news of a request to postpone the meeting, as the Egyptian Federation requested the postponement of the meeting from CAF, and CAF did not respond so far.

Accordingly, if the meeting is held on time on Sunday, September 25, the list will be as follows, and it contains only 15 players.

Goalkeepers: Mohamed Awad * Mohamed Nadim * and Mr. Attia.

Defense line: Mohamed Abdel Ghani * Hossam Abdel Majid * Mohamed Abdel Shafi * Abdullah Gomaa.

Midfield: Mohamed Ashraf “Ruqa” * “Obama” * Mohamed Hossam “Biso” * Saif Jaafar * Sayed “Neymar” * Mahmoud “Shikabala”.

Offensive line: Youssef Osama Nabih * Hossam Ashraf.

Urgent: Important clarification from Mohamed Awad:

Mohamed Awad, the goalkeeper of Zamalek club, explained the truth of the rumors that were said yesterday about the reasons for his exclusion from the list of the Egyptian national team announced yesterday.

This is the list that will compete in the matches of Niger and Liberia within the current camp of the Egyptian national team within the international agenda, and Awad was excluded from the list.

The news confirmed that there was an agreement between Ferreira, the coach of the team, and Vitoria, the coach of the national team, to exclude Awad from participating in the return match against Eliquit, which Awad completely denied.

On his personal page on the social networking site Twitter, Mohamed Awad wrote:

To clarify: after the announcement of the list for the Egyptian national team, I was surprised by news on social media, with the reasons for my exclusion that there is an agreement between the team and Mr. Ferreira.

This is completely untrue after communicating with Mr. Ferrera and making sure that no one contacted him completely, this matter saddened me a lot because I wished to represent the Egyptian national team!

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