Karim Khattab comments on the Ismaili deals and confirms

Media Karim Khattab commented on the Ismaili Club deals that he concludes at this time in preparation for the new season, which will start in the middle of next month.

Ismaili suffered a lot in the final season and was close to relegation, but fate was merciful to the club and Ismaili survived the relegation, trying not to repeat the scenario of last season.

Al-Ismaily concluded several deals that were described as distinguished, including Saleh Gomaa, Hamdi El-Naqaz, Bassem Morsi, and other players.

On his personal page on the social networking site Twitter, Karim Khattab wrote:

If Ismaili deals are successful and focused and really want to succeed.. they will make a big difference with the team.

Tersana contracts with the former Zamalek youth team:

Al-Tersana Club announced today its contract with the young Zamalek club player Karim El-Sayed.

Tersana, led by its technical director Khaled Eid, obtained the signature of player Karim El-Sayed as part of the plan to strengthen Al-Shawakeesh in the new season.

Teresa is now preparing to compete in the second division championship and intends to conclude several new deals to support the team in the new season.

The player signed at the headquarters of the Tersana Club, and in the presence of the head of the Arsenal, Mr. Tariq Al-Saeed, on a contract for 3 seasons in a free transfer deal.

Nice day: the hand commandos win for the second day in a row.. and complete the joy of winning today:

The first handball team in Zamalek club won a short time ago against the Kuwaiti-Kuwaiti team, 20-23.

This victory came in the second confrontation of Zamalek in the Arab championship currently being held on Tunisian soil from September 17 to 27 of the same month.

This victory is the team's second victory in the tournament, after yesterday's victory over Esperance in the opening match of the Whites' campaign, with a score of 28-32.

The first half of the match ended with Zamalek’s lead over the Kuwaiti team 12-10 before Zamalek completed its advance throughout the second half and the match ended with a victory.

In the same context, in the context of the joy of Zamalek, as you know, Zamalek defeated the Chadian equity with a score of 2-0 in the 64th round of the African Champions League.

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