In response to an interview with Schubert: Al-Ahly announces that it will not sign this player

Amir Tawfiq, Al-Ahly’s contracting director, spoke about the fate of Al-Ahmar’s negotiations with the Enppi club player, Mustafa Shalaby.

Where the name of the player was recently linked to joining Al-Ahly, amid confirmation from the media Ahmed Schubert that the deal is nearing its end and the player is on his way to Al-Ahly Club.

Where he wrote on his personal page on the social networking site Twitter: Al-Ahly ends the procedures for joining Mustafa Shalabi from Enppi Club.

Amir Tawfiq, the director of contracts in Al-Ahly, responds to him and denies this news completely, and confirms that no signing with the player has taken place so far, and the player is basically out of Al-Ahly’s accounts.

He stressed that Al-Ahly closed the negotiation file with the player for several reasons that he did not want to talk about and that this file was completely closed.

After Zamalek’s victory today: Ferrera’s decision regarding Al-Jaziri and Mathlouthi:

The Portuguese coach, Ferreira, has agreed to join the club's first football team during the current international break.

The duo, as you know, are Seif El-Din Al-Jaziri and right-back Hamza Mathlouthi, who was chosen for the camp of their country's national team, which is currently established.

Ferreira, after Zamalek's victory over Chad's Eleket team in the first leg 2-0, agreed that the duo would join the camp of their country's national team, where they were called up.

The duo will return with the team's delegation to the Egyptian lands tomorrow morning, Monday, and then leave Cairo for their country to catch up with their country's national team camp.

The Tunisian national team is now continuing its preparations for the World Cup, which is about two months away, and which will be organized by the State of Qatar.

Ferreira's statements after the victory of Zamalek today:

The Portuguese coach, Ferreira, commented on the reason for the victory of Zamalek today against the Chadian Eleket team, with two goals to none.

In a match that was not broadcast on television, Zamalek won two goals to nothing, by Shikabala and Ahmed Sayed Zizou, in the 64th round of the African Champions League.

In his statements after the meeting at the press conference, Ferreira said: I am happy with the victory of Zamalek today because of the result and performance of the white team in the match.

Ferreira said that Zamalek was not good in the first half compared to the second, and we did not have many attacks, but we improved at the end of the half and started the second half distinctly.

Between the two halves, I assured the players that there should be more enthusiasm than that and that a distinguished level must be presented. Indeed, we were the best and the team deserved to win.

We could have won more than the double, we missed a penalty, the opposing team played in a very defensive way, and the team will be better in the rematch.

The return match will be between the two teams on September 25th here in Cairo, on the grounds of Cairo International Stadium.

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