After yesterday's gossip: Future decides the fate of Muhannad Lashin

Future Club has decided its position on the news that Zamalek has renewed negotiations with him to join the team, starting from the next season.

This news, which was said yesterday and announced, is about communication between the Zamalek administration and the player to discuss the possibility of him being included again in the team, after his move to Future.

For the player to confirm his agreement on the condition of speaking with Future officials and obtaining their approval to move to Zamalek, which was commented on by the Future Club.

Future, and in the words of Abdel Zaher El-Sakka, the sporting director of Future Club, confirmed that the player is continuing with Future and will not leave.

He stressed that the administration is committed to the player and he is training with the team now, and he will be registered on the list of the African team, and there is a decision not to neglect him.

Urgent: Mahmoud Gad to this club:

Al-Masry Al-Portsaidi Club announced a short time ago that it has signed Mahmoud Gad, the goalkeeper of Enppi Club, to move to him starting next season.

Mahmoud Gad, whose name was associated with the move to the Zamalek club for many periods, his position was resolved, and he moved to the Egyptian club.

As this matter was officially announced a while ago through the official Portal Club page, where I wrote:

They welcomed with us the international guard, Mahmoud Gad, a guard and defender of the valiant children's lair.

Mahmoud Gad Egyptaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

He refused to appeal to the Zamalek club, and the crisis is as it is:

Today, the South Cairo Court of First Instance rejected the appeal submitted by Zamalek Club against the decision to seize the club’s funds in banks in favor of Mamdouh Abbas, the former president of the club.

Where there is a judicial decision to seize the bank account of the Zamalek Club, which he deals with in favor of Mr. Mamdouh Abbas, because of his previous debts to the club, according to his statements.

Mamdouh Abbas has already obtained a ruling to seize the club's balance in the bank, and the Supreme Club appealed the ruling to stop the implementation, but the appeal was rejected.

The court upheld the decision to continue the detention and execution procedures in favor of Mamdouh Abbas, after reviewing all documents from both parties.

Mamdouh Abbas, through a lawyer, said that he had received many judgments to get his dues during the past days and months, and they are enforceable judgments.

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