Mortada Mansour talks about two deals for Zamalek club

Mortada Mansour, the club's president, spoke about the club's recent file deals, which the club and its board of directors are preparing to announce.

Zamalek has so far announced a contract with a number of deals, pending the announcement of the rest of the deals after the match between Zamalek and the Chadian wicket.

And through his televised statements a while ago on the club’s channel, Mortada Mansour said:

We are now concluding in two very strong deals, deals of very high caliber, and your prayers that our Lord guides us and do well.

Regarding the places where they play, Mansour said in his statements: One is a defensive midfielder and the second is a winger.

So far, what has been announced about the club's applause are Benin Samson Aquinola * Nabil Imad Donga * Omar Jaber * Zakaria Al Wardi * Ibrahim Naday .. besides Odeh Mohamed Sobhi.

The current position regarding the broadcast of the match between Zamalek and Chad champion:

It seems that the fans of Zamalek so far will not watch the team's match today against the Chadian Eleket team in the first leg of the 64th round of the African Champions League.

This meeting, which will be in Cameroon at five in the evening Cairo local time, is on the territory of the State of Cameroon due to the invalidity of the stadiums in Chad.

So far, even the writers of these lines, the match is not broadcast, as we told you, as the Chadian side strongly rejects this matter and demands payments that are impossible to broadcast the match.

So far, the United Advertising Services Company is making last attempts to broadcast the meeting, and the situation is very ambiguous in this matter.

The crisis is not a matter of obtaining a broadcast signal. The crisis is basically producing the match and presenting it as a salable product, as the Chadian side rejects it as the rights holder.

Special for Zamalek today: The situation has changed for Mahmoud Alaa: learned that Zamalek's position on the team's player and defender Mahmoud Alaa has changed in recent hours.

After it was decided that the player would leave the club next season, by a decision from Ferreira, the situation for the player was recently changed.

As there has become a trend that we can describe as strong, to keep Mahmoud Alaa with the team in the next season, despite the offers that came to the player.

Ferreira will be talked to and persuaded to stay the player in appreciation of his efforts with the team in the past seasons, and in order to support the back line of Zamalek.

The player already has several local offers, and an Arab offer from Al-Ahly Club, Dubai, but he has not yet decided on his position.

The matter will be finally resolved within hours from now, even if the situation has changed for the player by the administration, as we have informed you.

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