Mortada Mansour mocks Al-Ahly deals.. and sends a message to the head of Saudi Cooperation

Mortada Mansour, the club's president, sent a message to the officials of the Saudi Al-Taawun Club after the transfer of Mustafa Fathi, the former player of the team, to the Pyramids Club.

As there is still an amount of 400 thousand dollars left from the player's transfer from Zamalek to the Saudi cooperation in the month of January.

Mortada Mansour, in televised statements to him, said: “Oh, President of Saudi Cooperation, please, we want our money instead of what you are busy with, Hamada Al-Hilal, give the money that you owe.

He continued: The boy is a follower of Pyramids, and why don't you believe that you are gasoline, and how do you want me to open a new page while the tank is empty?

Mortada Mansour, in his statements, mocked the Al-Ahly deals that he is making at this time, as he said:

Al-Ahly brings a Brazilian player who is suspended for hitting the referee and no one can speak, and he brings a young family named Mustafa Messi and brings Shadi Hussein.

Countries I consider them a deal and a half.. and countries if they ride the bus, they will pay a ticket and a half, not two tickets.

This hadith is in reference to the Zamalek fans' criticism of the delay in announcing the club's deals, saying the Al-Ahly fans thank Al-Khatib for the deals, no words... and the public is criticizing me.

Mortada Mansour attacks Chadian equity officials:

Mortada Mansour, the club's president, launched a violent attack on the officials of the Chadian Eleket team, the rival of Zamalek, in today's match in the 64th round of the African Champions League.

This came due to several things, the latest of which was the Chadian team’s decision not to broadcast the Zamalek match, despite all the attempts made so far.

Mortada Mansour, via the Zamalek channel a while ago, said: What is this marble, we asked them to come to play the two matches in Cairo, and they bear all the costs, but they refused.

And now we tell them to take any amount and we broadcast the match with their refusal, and they say, No, we will not broadcast.. and I think that this team will not come to Egypt.

The match between Zamalek and the Chadian wicket will be held at five in the evening, Cairo time, in the state of Cameroon, due to the lack of validity of the stadiums in Chad.

Today's most important matches, carrier channels, and commentators:

Today, several matches are held in several different tournaments.

In the English Premier League meet:

Brentford * Arsenal

The match will be held at 1:00 pm, Cairo time, and will be broadcast on BN Sport Premium 1, with commentator Raouf Khalif commenting on it.

In the Spanish League, he meets:

Atletico Madrid * Real Madrid

The match will be held at nine in the evening, Cairo time, and will be broadcast on BN Sport 1 and BN Sport Premium 1, with commentator Essam El Shawali commenting on it.

In the French League, he meets:

Nantes * Lance

The match will be held at five in the evening Cairo time and will be broadcast on BN Sport 2, commentator Ahmed Al-Balushi will comment on it.

Lyon * Paris Saint-Germain

The match will be held at 9:15 Cairo local time and will be broadcast on BN Sport 2 channel, with commentator Jawad Badda commenting on it.

So far, the position of the Zamalek match broadcaster and the Chadian match is ambiguous, and we will provide you with new details as soon as we learn about them.

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