Hani Hathout talks about the secret of Al-Ahly's help to the fugitive electrified

The journalist Hani Hathout revealed the reason behind Al-Ahly's retreat from its decision regarding electrification, and a decision was taken to register him in the red team list for the next season.

This change came after the announcement of excluding the player from the list, then returning to the decision and listing him on the list, for Hani Hathout to talk about the situation.

Hani Hathout, through his television program, said: Al-Ahly, for fear of the headache of this file, decided to register the player, after the decision not to register him previously.

Kahraba met with Al-Ahly officials for a while and asked him about his position, and assured them that Zamalek refused to pay the amount in installments, and they told him that we cannot pay any money, as this is against the laws and exposes us to legal accountability.

And Mortada Mansour’s talk appeared about the installment of the amount to the player, on the condition of appearing in the media and talking about who was incited to escape from Zamalek.

Al-Ahly officials and Hani Hathout said: That al-Ahly and its responsibility met with the player again and decided to participate with a percentage of the fine.

It is deducted from his new contract after it has been amended, and the contract with him is extended for two seasons, in order to prevent any headache in this file.

The Egyptian Basketball Association reveals the reason for the ruling in favor of the Alexandrian Federation in the case of Anas Osama:

The Egyptian Basketball Federation, through Hussein Al-Bashbeshi, a member of the Federation’s Board of Directors, revealed the scenes of the Egyptian Basketball Federation’s decision regarding Anas Osama, the former team player, and the Alexandrian Federation player.

Where the Basketball Association acknowledged the right of the Alexandria club in the player Anas Osama, who moved to the leader of Al-Thaghr at the beginning of the current season.

This transfer came with the announcement of the Zamalek Club to renew the contract with the player.

A member of the Basketball Association, and in televised statements to him, he said: The player has already become a player in the ranks of the Alexandrian Federation.

The contracts submitted by both sides were reviewed, and the validity of the Alexandrian union contract was proven because among the conditions is that the player has signed on the club’s internal regulation, and this is a condition of the validity of the contract that was established from last season.

This is what Al-Ittihad Alexandria Club submitted, unlike Zamalek, which did not submit the player's signature on the internal regulations.

The contracts submitted by Zamalek had more than one scraping, not translated into English, and we addressed them with 3 correspondences and asked for the presence of a representative from Zamalek to receive the contracts for review in the club, and he answered the player’s signature on the list, which did not happen, and the last date was 9-15, but no one attended.

On this, Zamalek’s paper was incomplete, incomplete, and inaccurate, and accordingly, a ruling was made in favor of the Alexandrian Union Club for its entitlement to the player.

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