A crisis in Ismaili because of his new deal

A crisis facing the Ismaili club in this period after contracting with the player Firas Shawat, the new Ismaili club player, whose contract was announced a few days ago.

Al-Ismaili announced the signing of striker Firas Shawat, to support the yellow attacking line next season.

The crisis is that the Tunisian club Sfaxien sent an official letter to the Ismaili Club, confirming that the contract with the player Firas Chat was incorrect.

The Tunisian club Sfaxien confirmed that the player has a contract with them until the end of the 2023-2024 season, and he is not entitled to leave without the club's approval.

Tunisian club CS Sfaxien confirmed that a complaint had been submitted to the International Football Association, demanding a fine for Ismaili, because of his contract with a player whose contract is valid with another club, and the complaint includes the player’s contract.

Tunisian club Sfaxien confirmed that the player terminated his contract with the club unilaterally, in an illegal procedure, and the contract is still valid until June 2024.

CS Sfaxien confirmed that this contract by Ismaili is invalid, and the player is their right, and they will not abandon their right.

The results of the technical meeting of the match between Zamalek and the Chadian wicket:

The technical meeting of the match between Zamalek and the Chadian wicket in the 64th round of the African Champions League ended a while ago.

This is the traditional meeting, which was attended by a representative of the Zamalek club, Captain Ahmed Hosni, the team's managing director, Ahmed Shaaban, the team's general coordinator, and Mustafa Mila, the team's mission officer.

The regular meeting ended with Zamalek wearing the traditional white shirt and white shorts, and the goalkeeper wearing the green uniform.

While the Chadian Elect team will also wear their traditional uniform, which is a yellow T-shirt and black shorts.

The Zamalek mission was also granted 40 invitations and tickets, which were distributed to a number of members of the Egyptian Embassy in Cameroon, and a number of members of the Egyptian community in the State of Cameroon.

Tomorrow's match will be held at five in the evening Cairo time, and the position of the broadcaster of the meeting is still ambiguous, with a high probability of not broadcasting the match.

Counselor Mohamed Attia comments on the Pyramids Club and the management of the Pyramids Club:

Counselor Mohamed Attia, a member of the former committee that ran the club, commented on the Pyramids Club and the way it manages its departments.

Pyramids Club, finished last season in second place in the General League, behind Zamalek, the league champion in the final season.

On his personal page on the social networking site Twitter, Mohamed Attia wrote:

The truth is that the Egyptian Pyramids administration is missing a great opportunity to create a terrifying, annoying, and heroic team.

Of course, there is a need in our interest that they run the club in the current way.. but the experience that was easy remains greater with a different and logical job.

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