The scenario of “The Elected Elephant” may be repeated again with Zamalek

The scenario of the first leg match between Zamalek and the Chadian wicket in the 64th round of the African Champions League is threatened with repetition in the 32nd round of the tournament.

Where the Burundian team, Flamboa, ascended to the round of 32 and will meet Zamalek after Al-Abyad beat the return match against Chadian Alikit.

Zamalek played the first leg today on the territory of Cameroon due to the inability of Chad's stadiums to host matches, and the same thing will happen with Zamalek in the round of 32.

Where the stadiums in Burundi are not approved, the Burundian Flamboa team played the first leg match against the Libyan Al Ittihad, in Tanzania.

Accordingly, Zamalek will play the first leg in the round of 32, not in a Burundian state, but in another stadium, and it may be Tanzania as well, or negotiations take place by Zamalek, and the two matches will be played here in Cairo.

Zamalek’s position on the joining of its international players to the national team camp:

A source from within the Zamalek club revealed the position of the international players in the team, and they're joining the list of the Egyptian national team in the camp of the team currently established.

The team's list was announced a while ago, and it contains a number of Zamalek club players, which is linked to the return match against the Chadian Eleket team on September 25th.

The date of the match is at the same time as the Egyptian national team camp, which may cause a conflict between the camp and the date of the match.

The result of today and the victory of Zamalek today is easy, as the victory made Zamalek relatively lenient in this matter, after being reassured to rise.

A source in Zamalek confirmed that there is coordination between the Portuguese coach Vitoria, the coach of the Egyptian team, and Ferreira, the coach of the team, to leave the international players for the team camp at this time.

The matter was at the highest level of coordination, as if the result of the Zamalek match today was not reassuring, the players would have stayed with the club for the return match.

Now, the situation has changed and the victory is reassuring, so Zamalek agreed to keep the players with the Egyptian national team, and Mohamed Awad, it was agreed that he would stay with Zamalek because the team lacked this position.

Continuation of the previous news: The Chadian equity clarifies its position on withdrawing from the return match:

In continuation to the previous news regarding the possibility of the Chadian team withdrawing from the Eleket team from the return match against Zamalek on September 25th.

There are rumors about the Chadian team's intention to withdraw from the meeting, as things are over for it, in addition to the lack of financial liquidity to come and travel to Egyptian territory.

The Chadian Eleket Club, through its media coordinator, denied the news indicating its withdrawal from the return meeting, as for Zamalek, due to a lack of financial liquidity to come to Cairo.

The man stressed that his team's withdrawal is incorrect and out of the question because the losses would be great if this happened.

He explained that the fines that will be imposed on them by the African Union will be heavy, and we are coming to Cairo on the specified dates and we will participate in the meeting.

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