The former Zamalek player explains the amount Ferrera saved for the club

The club's first-team football player, Badr Hamed, believes that the Portuguese Gisvaldo Ferreira, the coach of Zamalek, saved 100 million pounds on the white castle.

And he said, during his Portuguese statements, that he fled to Al-Abyad. If Zamalek had contracted with the distinguished young players who are currently shining, he would have paid one hundred million pounds.

He pointed out that his boldness, the coach, and the confidence of the Zamalek administration in his person made him succeed in showing the brilliance of the young players.

He stressed that no player can be judged before he plays and participates in matches, but Zamalek needs to sign a player at the right-back position.

 He also continued, "It is necessary to sign a striker next to Saif Al-Din Al-Jaziri, and Ferreira has the courage and knows very well how to employ players on the field."

The former poles player: Zamalek can control Africa:

The former pole star, Mohamed Siddik, explained that Zamalek is technically better, stronger, and more equipped than its Chadian counterpart, Elect, the league and cup champion, and has distinguished players and a technical manager who is skilled in managing matches.

He pointed out that as long as the Portuguese Gisvaldo Ferreira is at the head of the technical leadership of the Whites, he will control the continent of Africa, this man has good capabilities and is very organized.

He does not play randomly, has a good defensive system, and relies on counter-attacks well, so the White Knight is able to reach a place beyond previous seasons.

He revealed that the coach of Zamalek and his compatriot Manuel Jose, one of the best coaches I have dealt with, the duo is stubborn, but Ferreira is distinguished by finding solutions and does not complain about the lack of players and stars.

From my point of view, he concluded that the coach who deals with the available squash and wins championships is the best, which is what Ferrera did.

The former Zamalek defender criticizes the club’s deals:

The club's first football defender, Hisham Yakan, explained that Mahmoud Abdel Razek Shikabala, the captain of Zamalek, can continue to play for a longer period, provided that he maintains his physical strength.

He confirmed during his statements that Al-Abyad played a good match against Elect and Shikabala's goal was wonderful.

He pointed out that the start of Shikabala against the Saudi Al-Hilal mainly affected him from a physical point of view, and it must be a trump card to exploit the competitor's fatigue.

Yakan talked about the deals of the White Castle in the current summer Mercato.

What is new in the Zamalek deals? Omar Jaber is from the boys of the club, and Mohamed Sobhi also, but the Zamalek deals are not new, are there other stars that we contract with?

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