After she suddenly appeared on the surface, a crisis developed on Fathi Al-Jadida with Zamalek

A source close to Ali Fathi, the former left back in Zamalek, revealed new developments regarding his case with Zamalek club due to the late financial dues.

In an exclusive statement, the source said:

Ali Fathi received notifications from the Football Association yesterday that Zamalek must pay an amount of 550 thousand pounds in his favour, as the player obtained a ruling for this amount despite his demand for a number greater than the value of his contract, but the federation approved this amount only.

Ali Fathi asked for the value of his contract in full while he was in Zamalek, to register him on the waiting list, and not to obtain his rights due to the injury he was suffering from.

Some time ago, Ali Fathi requested his dues from the elected board of directors headed by Counselor Mortada Mansour, but the matter was ignored, so the player decided to file a complaint against Zamalek.

The former Zamalek star is a candidate to be in the Carteron device:

Our sources learned that a new name was proposed during the past hours to be part of the team's technical staff, during the coming period.

The name that was put forward is Mohamed Sabry, the former Zamalek star, to be an assistant to Carteron in the coming period.

Zamalek is looking to include an Egyptian element in the technical staff, to be an assistant to Carteron, to be a link between all sides of the football system in the club.

So far, Carteron refuses this matter, and does not want any new element to be present with him.

However, the administration is seeking this matter, and it will be presented to Carteron in a session within hours that will be held, after it was postponed yesterday.

The team is now training in preparation for the next Ismaily match, which is scheduled for next Friday.

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