Regulations expert: Zamalek has nothing to do with this matter

Mr. Ali Abbas, an expert on sports regulations, confirmed that the Zamalek club has nothing to do with the crisis of Hamdi Al-Naqaz in Saudi Arabia.

This crisis, which came due to the complaint of a number of clubs there, that the player’s participation with the people of his grandfather is illegal, because he signed a contract with the Zamalek club.

The man explained that Al-Naqaz moved to Al-Ahly of Saudi Arabia with an international card that was requested from the Tunisian Federation, not the Egyptian Federation.

And he continued: Basically, the card did not reach the Egyptian Federation, despite the player’s signature of Zamalek, due to the crisis of stopping the registration.

He explained: Even the idea of ​​signing for Zamalek, the Saudi side has nothing to do with it, how many players signed contracts for clubs, and the transfer process did not take place.

And he concluded: The complaints of the Saudi clubs are of no value, because the player is restricted as a free player, and the matter will end and Zamalek has nothing to do with the matter.

Ibrahim Saeed: 99%. The fugitive outside Al-Ahly Club:

Ibrahim Saeed, the former poles player, revealed the fate of Mahmoud Kahraba, Al-Ahly club player, in the coming period.

Ibrahim Saeed confirmed, as we assured you before, that Kahraba will leave the ranks of Al-Ahly Club in a large proportion, due to Musimani’s unwillingness to stay.

On his Twitter account, Ibrahim Saeed wrote:

With a 99% rate, Kahraba left Al-Ahly in January!!! Mosimane does not want the player to continue.

Everything remains possible, in light of Musimani’s desire to leave the player, and in light of the administration’s desire to retain the player, to preserve what is in front of public opinion.

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