Zamalek is waiting for the Turkish Galatasaray

Mohamed Al-Etrebi, vice-chairman of the temporary committee to manage the club’s affairs, revealed that Zamalek is waiting for the position of the Turkish club Galatasaray.

The White Castle officials are awaiting the final position of the Turkish club officials regarding the striker, Mustafa Mohamed, the star of the loaned team to Galatasaray.

He confirmed during his statements that we are waiting until December 31 for Galatasaray Club to decide its position on Mustafa Muhammad.

He pointed out that if the Turkish club activates the striker's purchase clause, then the amount will be paid on July 1, and if the activation is not done, the player will continue until July with Galatasaray.

He stressed that the White Knight could then request the return of Mustafa Muhammad in the month of January if they did not do the contract on December 31.

A deadline from the President of the Republic for Zamalek:

The Vice-Chairman of the Interim Committee for the Administration of Club Affairs, Mohamed Al-Etrebi, explained that Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, President of the Republic, gave directions regarding the Zamalek club.

Where President Sisi instructed the Ministry of Housing to give El-Obeid two years as an additional period of time to carry out the works and construction to be implemented on the land previously allocated to Zamalek in the October Gardens City.

During his statements, he stressed that there are no Hazars, and even if the White Castle was not completed within two years, the land would be withdrawn from the Urban Communities Authority.

He pointed out that there are ministers who have supported this request, such as the Minister of Sports, Housing and Construction, which is the last deadline and, God willing, it will be an addition to the club, and we hope from the next council that there will be an urgent plan to establish construction to increase resources.

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