Warning to Zamalek fans

The media, Muhammad Abu Al-Ela, warned the club’s fans against attacking Youssef Obama, the club’s first football star, and underestimating his capabilities.

During his statements, he stressed that Obama is a great and distinguished player in the 10th position, according to the testimony of all analysts and experts, and that the fans of Zamalek should be aware and not be carried away.

He added: We must not be drawn into attempts to break the team's stars, including Obama and his colleagues, and that the competitor concluded deals in the millions, and this indicates that it suffers from shortcomings.

He pointed out that the white knight has had a stable formation for two seasons, and is the strongest in Africa, despite the great difficulties and the exaggerated joy of the competitor after the derby.

He stressed that the fans of the White Castle must support the players and not be carried away by attempts to demolish the strong team.

Before facing Zamalek .. the new technical director of Ismaili:

The Ismaili Club’s board of directors, headed by Yahya El-Koumi, announced the new coach of the first football team in the Yellow Castle.

Dervish officials settled on appointing Argentine Juan Brown as technical director of the first football team, instead of Talaat Youssef.

The Argentine was chosen for his vast experience, despite his young age and his great abilities to develop Ismaili's abilities and quickly return the results to the right track.

It is worth noting that the next match for the Dervishes will be against Zamalek in the fourth round of the Egyptian Premier League.

This match is scheduled for next Friday, November 19 of this month.

The committee that runs the club: We will not be able to renew the players:

The Vice-Chairman of the Interim Committee to manage the club’s affairs, Mohamed Al-Atribi, commented on the latest developments in the renewal of the club’s first team football players whose contracts expire during the coming period.

During his statements, he stressed his wishes to win the Egyptian Premier League, in order to repeat the victory for two consecutive seasons, and he has full confidence in the players and the strength of the team.

During his statements, he indicated that negotiations are continuing with Moroccan international Ashraf Ben Sharqi, the star of the first football team's attack in Zamalek.

And he stressed that in the end, the benefit of the White Castle is the basis, and the current players of Zamalek have an affiliation, but we will not be able to renew the players in the few days that remain for us.

And he concluded: A number of the files of these players will be left to the next board of directors, which will be elected during the coming period.

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