The date of the draw for the final stage of the World Cup qualifiers.. and Egypt's position

The Egyptian national team qualified for the final round of the African qualifiers for the upcoming World Cup Qatar 2020.

This came after yesterday's draw with Angola with two goals for each team, as Gabon's next match became a foregone conclusion.

Egyptian football fans are waiting for the play-off match that will decide the qualifiers for the World Cup, where 10 teams qualify and play together 5 home and away matches, to qualify 5 teams for the World Cup.

The draw for the final round will be held on December 18, where the ten qualified teams will be divided into two levels, first and second.

The second-level teams, including Egypt, will host the first leg matches on their soil, and then go out to meet the return abroad.

It is expected that Egypt will face one of the teams of Senegal * Tunisia * Morocco * Algeria * Nigeria, who are ranked first, in the last qualifiers scheduled for next March.

Nabil Al-Halafawi: Congratulations on qualifying:

The artist Nabil El-Halafawy congratulated the Egyptian national team on advancing to the final round of the African qualifiers for the upcoming World Cup.

This qualification, which came after the Egyptian team drew yesterday with Angola, with two goals for each team, as the next match of Gabon became a foregone conclusion.

Nabil Al-Halafawi is happy to qualify, but he was hoping to win in order to preserve the last hope of entering the top five teams in the classification.

On his Twitter account, Nabil El-Halfawy wrote:

Congratulations on the rise.. I was hoping to win so that there would be hope, even if weak, in our classification at the first level in the next round.. not only because we will meet who.. The most important thing is that the decisive match (the return match) will remain on the land of the seed in the first level.

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