Zamalek today explains to you: The summary is in Mustafa Mohamed’s file

Gossip increased in this day about Mustafa Mohamed, the striker of the first football team in the club, who was loaned to the Turkish club Galatasaray.

Between activating a purchase clause or not activating it, or the fact that it will return in January, if the Turkish club does not activate the purchase clause, gossip increases.

Zamalek today presents the summary, with full respect for any statements that come out of the club’s officials.

First: Mustafa Muhammad’s file and from the other are not in the hands of Zamalek, but in the hands of Galatasaray officials, who decide his fate, either by activating the item or not, and Zamalek has no right to object.

Second: The issue of his return in January is not raised, even if the purchase clause has not been implemented, as the loan continues throughout this season.

Third: According to the contract, the Galatasaray Club, even if the contract is done, has the right to postpone the payment of the 4 million dollars no later than the first of next July.

Finally: Galatasaray will activate the purchase item because it is a good investment, whether on the technical level or the financial level later.

This summary is in Mustafa Mohamed's file, and unfortunately this is the truth, with all due respect to any statements.

After reviewing the mistakes of the summit: a serious negative that Carteron will ask to correct:

The French coach, Patrice Carteron, prepared a list of the mistakes that the players made during the last summit match.

This summit, which ended with Al-Ahly's defeat by two goals, 5-3, in the third week of the General League competition.

Carteron will present these errors to the players to take advantage of them, during the next stage, and to correct them in the next stage.

An important point that Carteron focused on in monitoring these mistakes, as the loss of focus and the inability to control the course of the match after the team received a first goal.

Where he will talk to them about the fact that they are big and experienced players, and they should not lose focus in the event of receiving a goal, as they are required to calm down to remedy the situation.

The team will resume its training at 3:00 p.m. today, Saturday, in preparation for the upcoming Ismaili match in the General League Championship.

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