Reports: Galatasaray is preparing to submit an official offer to buy this player

Turkish press reports issued this morning revealed that the Turkish club Galatasaray is preparing to submit an offer to buy Ramadan Sobhi, a player from Pyramids Club.

The Turkish club wants to strengthen its ranks with players, during the next winter transfer period in January.

Fateh Tarim, the technical director of the team, wants to sign Ramadan Sobhi in various ways because he is convinced of his level, as he confirms that Ramadan will be a strong deal.

This expected offer comes amid rumors about the desire of the Turkish club Besiktas, a competitor to Galatasaray, to contract with the player as well.

Ramadan, for his part, wants to leave the Egyptian League, given the pressures he has been subjected to since his move to Pyramids.

Reda Abdel-Aal: It is necessary to prepare an alternative:

Reda Abdel Aal, the former poles player, quickly requested a replacement for Ashraf Ben Sharqi, the current player of the team.

Reda Abdel-Al and speaking on his custody, he said: I see that Bin Sharqi will not renew with the club, and for this reason, a replacement must be prepared from now on.

He continued: We do not want to wait for him when he walks and remain in an awkward situation, we must look for a good alternative for him.

He explained: He is an excellent player because no one understands me wrong, but it is possible to renew him, especially since he signed a new agent, from France, who brought him offers from the Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Bin Sharqi ends his contract with the club at the end of the current season, amid the administration’s efforts to renew with him, and amid many rumors about this file.

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