Carteron talks about his position on adding any elements to the technical staff

The French coach, Patrice Carteron, revealed his position on what is said to be adding new elements to his assistant apparatus.

This talk, which seemed to increase in abundance after the last summit match, which ended with the defeat of the white team by two goals, with a score of 5-3.

In an interview with him upon his return and before meeting with the club's management, Carteron confirmed that he had no intention of adding new elements to his current technical apparatus.

He also confirmed that he would not dispense with any of the current staff, in reference to the Brazilian goalkeeper coach Oliveira, who has been talked about in recent days, specifically after the last summit meeting.

There was a session that was supposed to take place yesterday, between club officials and Carteron, but the session was postponed and will take place within hours.

And all these things remain until the moment, awaiting any new that may happen in these files.

Touching statements by the father of the late Zamalek star:

Alaa Ali's father, the former Zamalek star, was keen to talk about his son on the anniversary of his death, as Alaa Ali died on November 12.

Alaa Ali’s father, crying, said on the Zamalek Club channel, in televised statements to him:

I was very happy when I saw the players of Zamalek with T-shirts bearing the image of “Alaa Ali” after winning the league championship. I thank them very much.

 As for naming the league after Alaa, there is a great need and we all rejoice, by thanking the players of Zamalek, the administration, the technical, administrative and medical staff, and every official in Zamalek that they still think of Alaa Ali.

It is worth noting that Alaa Ali played in Zamalek and excelled, and did not create any crisis with Zamalek for love in the White Castle.

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